Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sandwiches & Rufus.

The other night Jimmy and I went to Prospect Park to attend a Rufus Wainwright concert. Now, we could have paid about $140 for tickets, but instead we just grabbed a blanket, a bottle of Sriracha, and a couple of Vietnamese sandwiches (can you tell that we dig those?) and we were set for an evening of free tunes. The concert was open-air, in the Prospect Park bandshell, and because it's so very close to our apartment, it was super easy for us to just trot over to the surrounding lawn, sprawl out with our blanket, and shamelessly mooch musical entertainment. It was great... Listening to Rufus Wainwright brings me back to the 9th grade, all the way. He even played some of the really great 'oldies' from both his first album and 'Poses', and I couldn't have been happier. Well, maybe I could have been happier if it weren't for this wicked crazy mosquito bite that I got that night, but I'll spare you the deets. How about some photos instead?

I had fun watching all of the planes pass overhead throughout the evening. They were all heading to JFK airport I presume, and passed by every other minute or so. I love airplanes! They always make me itch to pick up and fly off somewhere. Come on, honeymoon...

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