Thursday, August 12, 2010

The National

the national

I finally finished this poster! I know that it's very soft and undeniably girly, but I really couldn't help myself. I always use gig posters as an excuse to scratch whatever visual itch I've been having, and recently it was calligraphic illustration.

1861, Calligraphic Drawing of a Horse by Martins Scrip — Image by © Burstein Collection/CORBIS

Drawings such as this were my inspiration. Continuous line, pure decoration... Mine is obviously nowhere near as intricate or refined, but it was certainly fun to try! I used a grease pencil (China marker) to give the drawn line a more interesting texture.


  1. I love the the way the lines indicate a bird without looking like you had to force them to fit a particular shape. This makes me want to start doing a project with lots of embellishments :)

  2. I was just coming to ask how you got the grease pencil effect- I guess the real thing is the best way!! It's gorgeous. :)

  3. Very cool. Great illustration. Good use of type and hierarchy.