Friday, October 1, 2010

Gig poster: Gogol Bordello

I've gotten a couple of gig poster jobs from Redbird in the last week, both with fairly tight deadlines. This one was sort of tossed together last night, but I'm very pleased with the result. Can't decide between the two different background colors though... Thoughts?

My inspiration came from Ukrainian folk art, since Gogol Bordello's lead singer is Ukrainian, and I couldn't resist indulging in those beautiful florals, bright colors, and lush decoration. Their music is fairly cooky and colorful, but quite rough in some ways as well, so I didn't want to make it all smooth and fluid, as in traditional Ukrainian folk art, and once again my handy-dandy grease pencil came to the rescue. I'm really liking it as drawing tool, as opposed to graphite, since I'm far less likely to get fussy and overly concerned with the perfection of my lines.

If you're curious, here are some examples of my inspiration:

(These beautiful images are from ..::Temple of Light::..)

More soon, promise! Some of my recent bizzy-ness is going to start coming to fruition in the next few weeks, which is super exciting.


  1. Very nice! I personally like the light background better. I think the dark blue competes with the flowers too much.. but perhaps its just me.

  2. Beautiful! I like the lighter one, also. The flowers feel more integrated...if that makes sense.

  3. Very cool - though I must echo what other have said first. The dark blue is striking and makes the text pop - but the lighter (white?) background fits better with the overall light and airy nature of the beast.
    Beautiful. Glad to hear you are doing so well!

  4. Very cool! You should totally watch the documentary about them as well. i wrote a review of it here, too:

  5. Thanks guys! I definitely agree about the lighter one. It was fun to try something so different out with the dark bg color, but what can you do? White/cream/light grey... Light backgrounds are the bee's knees.

    Thanks for sharing the review as well Carly!

  6. Beautiful poster! Hope you had some mad Gogol Bordello mini-dance breaks while working on it.

  7. I'm Ukrainian but grew up in America. I LOVE Ukrainian folk art and have tried looking for inspiration sources online for my own illustrations and it's not easy! This looks so great and quirky.

    * Julia

  8. Beautiful work, Sara! I'm curious what the fonts are that you used - would you be willing to share? Thanks!