Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ms. Koko

So I've had a lot of really exciting stuff happen in the last few weeks, and 2011 is already proving to be very busy and full of many promises, but I'm going to hold off on a full update (and believe me, there's a lot to update...). I'm going to hold off because I was just looking through some old photos/illustrations on my Flickr, and there's something that I must share right now: a little 3-page comic that I did about my dog Koko. This piece is from junior year at UArts I believe, in Christine Larsen's sequential class, and I want to share it because even though it's silly/poorly drawn, it's about my favorite animal in the whole-wide-world, Ms. Koko Wood. Enjoy.

I'll be back soon for a legit post, but I just wanted to spread some Koko love.

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