Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cheers, CVS

Tell there anything more satisfying then getting a roll of film developed? When it goes correctly, of course. I've had my fair share of paying the folks at CVS $10 for a roll of blurry, dark, and completely unrecognizable exposures, but not this time. I finished off a roll on my Olympus OM-10 between yesterday and today, and had them developed this afternoon.

These little ones were out during a block party on our street on Saturday. There's a guy a couple of houses down who breeds birds, and we were lucky enough to see his itty-bittiest. Aren't they adorbz?

It must have been Baby Amminal Day, because we also got to see a few litters of rescued kittens as we walked through Union Square. The sun might have been setting, but the weather was still oppressively hot, and each little kitty had the benefit of a personal fan. That guy right there was just too cute, stretched out and overheated... He looked the way I felt.

It's a little touristy, but there really is no beating a trip to The Strand Bookstore. We spent quite a few hours in there last night, and by the time we had stepped out, it was already pretty late. We saw lots of great books though (including 'Impressive', which features the work of my friend Julie Malone), and I ended up coming home with a steeply discounted copy of John Connolly's 'The Book of Lost Things'.

Today was comparatively low-key (as any proper Sunday should be) and involved errands in the neighborhood and a stop at the local Vietnamese sandwich shop for some passion fruit bubble tea and refreshing summer rolls. It was great really... I could do without the heat though. I'm not really a fan of feeling the need to take another shower every time I step out the door.

Sorry for the photo overload! I got excited.


  1. the Strand! I also walked out of there on Thursday with a few purchases... (although since it opens at 9:30 in the morning I had to take a stroll around Union Square a few times before it actually opened... haha)

    also, your pictures turned out great :)

  2. Sara those photographs are wonderful!
    The Book of Lost Things? I've read it a while ago, good choice.

  3. Yeah Brynn! You gave us the idea. :)

    And I'm excited to start it Sarah. I still have a few pages left in my other book, but I should get those read on the ride home today. Mmm, reading...

  4. I love all of these- especially those little birdies and their widdle beaks. Every once in a while I get a great roll of film back, but it's those terrible ones that make me hesitant to bring my camera around really memorable stuff. It's sad how much better I was at taking "real" pictures at 15 versus now. And I'm glad you saw Impressive IRL! I think that's when it'll be real exciting for me- even if the stuff they published of mine is sort of embarrassing.