Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is what rejection looks like

So hey, while I'm not really in a position to share some of my recent work, I am in a position to show you some rejected comps. Heh. It's actually pretty amazing how much work one does that never gets used, published, or even heavily considered...

The guys of Ra Ra Riot asked if I'd like to try sketching up a t-shirt design idea "on spec" (read: for no cashmoneys unless they use it). You might have seen this poster that I did for them last summer, when I was about as inexperienced in working on real jobs as I possibly could have been, so it was fun to hear back from them again. That being said, I haven't heard a peep since I sent this over, so REJECTED. No worries, though! I had fun drawing this, and I fully expect to go to a refined finish, since I so enjoyed working with illustrative type. Mmm, hair...

I'm also working on a book cover illustration for Scholastic, believe it or not. It's still in progress, but I don't think there's any harm in sharing my rejected sketches... I was a big fan of these, but since the book is for 8-12 yr. olds, they were understandably deemed "too old" for the book. It's challenging designing a book cover for children!

Poor little sketches! Never to see the light of day... In the end, we decided on something that would most definitely appeal to the target audience. And the AD could not be nicer, which is always a great bonus.

Coming up soon: a gig poster design for The National? Yes. I need to get on that.

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  1. The first book sketch is awesome. Is the title set in Archer as well (like the Author name)? That would be the only thing I would change about it.

    Apart from that - I love your work, I'm a big fan :D