Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A whole lotta new

I figured that it was high time for me to start a big girl blog. Tumblr is really great (and goodness, I love Tumblr), but I really needed a way in which to be more organized, more flexible, and more personally satisfied with my blogging habits. Also, this has been a time of great change for me, you know? I’ve graduated from art school, I’ve moved from Philadelphia to Brooklyn, started my career, and as of only a couple of weeks ago, Jim Tierney and I are engaged to be married! All of this, and it’s only been two months, so you can see why I want a legitimate blog for legitimate sharing of thoughts, news, recent work, and various noteworthy [internet] finds. I could start with a huge run-down of recent work, but to be honest, I’m not allowed to share very much of it just yet, so here’s a little peek into what I’ve been up to in the past few days:
Jimmy and I went on a quest to find a NYC beach that was a) not crowded and b) not horrible in every way. Success! After about 3 transfers and 1.5 hours on the subway, we got to Rockaway Park beach, which was really quite pleasant. We had ice cream cones barefoot on the boardwalk, and it was just... summer encapsulated. Any other recommendations regarding beaches that are public transport-accessible are more than welcome! It’s amazing how little we know about the area we live in.

THIS. This is a chocolate macaron with chocolate ganache filling. Egg whites. Cocoa. Sugar. So crisp, chewy, yummy and wonderful. I’d been meaning to try my hand at making these suckers for months and months, and I finally went for it for the first time using this David Lebovitz recipe. Try it! Do it. They’re delicious.

More soon!

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